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7 paź 2012

Wear It like a crown...

I don´t know where this fear came from
how I became so afraid of losing everyone
never been afraid of being lonely
now I´m becoming the one I´m most scared of being

I don´t know where this fear comes from
this fear of failing fear of letting everyone and myself down
its growing deep into my soul
making me all paralyzed and cold

It´s two steps forward, three steps back again
I´ll turn my face against it I won´t run
Courage and belif are my redeems
No one else can rescue me it seems

Cause if I don´t follow my heart this time
I´m gonna forget what this life is all about
I´m gonna take that path I´m going in on my own
I´m gonna take that fear and wear it like a crown

Rebekka Karijord - Wear it like a crown

.......when heart is full of fear.......